of Institute of International Education (Voronezh State University, Russia)

Supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation

“Russian via Songs” — is an interactive Internet project for those who want to know more about Russia and the Russian language by studying popular Russian songs. This is a fun way to study language spoken by 500 million people.

“Russian via Songs” program will allow you:

  • to use vast multimedia possibilities for studying Russian as a foreign language, ranging from its vocabulary, grammar, translation to listening and recording;

  • to learn new words, phrases, colloquial and cliché expressions which are used in spoken Russian;

  • to listen to the Russian language spoken by native speakers as well as practise listening comprehension and pronunciation;

  • to know more about Russian composers, poets, and singers on the examples of their best works;

  • to feel and understand Russian way of thinking due to studying the original materials;

  • to get acquainted with pop culture of Russia;

  • to learn natural words and expressions used by the Russians in reference to the popular songs.

Sing our favorite Russian songs with us!


The Russkiy Mir Foundation and Institute of International Education (Voronezh State University)
implement this project.